Sunday, 24 July 2011

Welcome to To Swat, or Not To Swat

You might think this is a strange choice for a name
But at the time I was serenely watching a fly that was crouching conspicuously on my laptop
I decided Not To Swat
for this could have created an equally as conspicious splodge of fly innards on my screen
which would not have been pleasant.

Pleased to meet you, I am Mr. Whitaker, 20 years of age (to be 21 in four meagre days) and an underpaid airport worker in Atlanta, GA, the United States of America.

I cannot post my given name, for several users on the BYC forum are dying to know what it is... and I shall not tell. I can sometimes be devillish in that way >:)

What shall I do for my 21st?
I have a massive budget of... oh, around $1 at the moment, how does that sound

My lifestyle?
I share a house with mates Robin and Stan... the house is a dump with a joy of a leaky plumbing system
and to describe the garden:

would you like to come and live with us for a while
and sample the many delightful species of weed
protruding from the soils of the yard?

I do, however, enjoy the lifestyle
One cannot afford a mansion with the money I earn
and Robin is pretty cool. Stan cries at girls movies haha


  1. The point of blogs is to post them often :P its been nearly a month! LOL

  2. Ah, indeed it has. I see you have found me nicola, I shall try to formulate another post

  3. S'not that hard to find you since you have a link to this in your siggy ;)