Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back from Beyond

There are some rather good places in one's own country, I have found

Greetings! Am I the only one who enjoys a nice long road trip from time to time?

I always had a bit of a knack
for collecting enough flight miles to scare the average denizen of the ground
but there is one thing you cannot do in a commercial airliner:

...Open the window. Haha!

breaks certainly beats having to wake up at such an ungodly hour to head over to the airport
and exercise one's muscular strength

How is the joyful household going?
Robin has been helping to weed our unfortunately very unsightly yard. he never has anything to do in the mornings, what a lucky couch bum, haha.
Stan, the nerd as always, is hard at his studies, the only brain that functions here I sometimes think

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Welcome to To Swat, or Not To Swat

You might think this is a strange choice for a name
But at the time I was serenely watching a fly that was crouching conspicuously on my laptop
I decided Not To Swat
for this could have created an equally as conspicious splodge of fly innards on my screen
which would not have been pleasant.

Pleased to meet you, I am Mr. Whitaker, 20 years of age (to be 21 in four meagre days) and an underpaid airport worker in Atlanta, GA, the United States of America.

I cannot post my given name, for several users on the BYC forum are dying to know what it is... and I shall not tell. I can sometimes be devillish in that way >:)

What shall I do for my 21st?
I have a massive budget of... oh, around $1 at the moment, how does that sound

My lifestyle?
I share a house with mates Robin and Stan... the house is a dump with a joy of a leaky plumbing system
and to describe the garden:

would you like to come and live with us for a while
and sample the many delightful species of weed
protruding from the soils of the yard?

I do, however, enjoy the lifestyle
One cannot afford a mansion with the money I earn
and Robin is pretty cool. Stan cries at girls movies haha